"I’m trying to get a deal so that I can pay my set, Then we gone make bitches wetter then ALS/ I’m that nigga yea I been getting nice on ‘Em, Cop a Rollie and watch me throw ice on it, Get it watch me throw some ice on it, Marrying the pen boy go and throw the rice on it" #Grindin #Freestyle ๐Ÿ’ช dropping next week!

"Then I met a tall girl she was sexy, we had a little Spark she was Lisa Leslie, chocolate skin I used to call her Nestle, but I let her go she would lie to impress me/ I met a honest girl named Stacy, this chicks wild shorty even tried to mase me" #MaybeItsMe #BackToBasics2 #GoodMusic #HipHop #JDilla this song is funny bcuz there was a time that I started to think maybe it was me and not the girls that I met that caused my relationships to not last! (Don’t worry ex’s I’m not throwing no one under the bus I could but I’m not that Drake)

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"This shit ain’t easy boy i’m trying to make some hella dough, I been hella fly til one of my propellers broke, I grew up trying to make music not sell hella dope, Stand up guy but this nigga isn’t selling jokes/ Grew up quick on some screw up shit, You see I screw up shit bcuz I grew up quick" #TheLifeiLive #BackToBasics2 #GoodMusic I write stories that happen to rhyme and flow over beats don’t call me a rapper #iAmNotARapper #iJustLookLikeOne ๐Ÿ˜‚

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"That’s why I wanna get out
And put my mom in crib, Yea I love my city I just don’t like how we love/ Always in competition, If it’s fashion it’s money, If it’s talent success these songs they can’t take it drone me/ Graduated from dubs that shit was back in 05, I done learned a few things my flow was never this fly” #TheLifeiLive #BackToBasics2

"Born in ‘87, I preach like 80 reverends, my speech to teach is sweet like it was made in heaven/ future professor, I’ll future undress her, cuz I’m fly rich and handsome I’m the money collector…Cha Ching…I flow like the 36 chambers, I’m a see ice like 36 Rangers" #The1MinuteBreak #BackToBasics2 ๐Ÿ˜Ž